Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fascism in the Future?

Once upon a time, I would have never believed that the U.S. would succumb to the possibility of having a fascist government- particularly since we as a nation have been one of the main fighters against the spread of such evil and have supported countless countries overcome their own dark pasts.

However, events in recent months make me wary and afraid that we are on the cusp of just such a happening here in the United States- and it breaks my heart.

I can trace my ancestry back to 1540 when they first arrived in Virginia seeking a new life. A life free from oppression, a life of opportunity, and a life to pass along to future generations.

Since those first settlers, just on that branch of my family tree, I have had family members who fought in every major military (and plenty of non-wartime service as well) up to the present War on Terror. (And yes, I know that is no longer the official terminology, but that just goes further to support my fears).

The one's who came before me willingly sacrificed everything they had in the name of freedom, yet now people seem to be sacrificing freedom for things they are too lazy to provide for themselves. This is the same scenario as in the movie V for Vendetta, where the people are lulled into a nanny-state, that the government knows best.

I know there are many grassroots movements gaining momentum across the country- to which I exclaim, "Hallelujah!!!" Truly, all is not yet lost- and that gives me hope to keep my fears at bay for another day.

I fervently believe that in the end, should we slide into a fascist state, it will be short-lived, though sometimes you have to lose everything to truly appreciate what you have.

So, I pray.

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