Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Beginning after the End

The ways the economy is spiraling out of control, followed by growing mob violence, it is easy to wonder if this is the beginning of the end of modern society.

No matter what occurs, there will still be everyday needs that must be met. We will still have homes to live in and families to care for- though admittedly it will be rough going in the initial stages simply because whatever "control" will be loose at best.

As for my part, I would hope that I could serve as an example. I would want my children to be instilled with the principles and values that the country was initially based upon. I would want them to know their religion- and have faith in themselves.

I would also hope to be an example of perseverance. That we can take all of the bad that has happened and maintain our sense of self. I would want the new society to focus more on what we can do for ourselves and less on what is expected of others to do for us. That is what I believe will bring about the downfall of modern society- the entitlement mentality.

Hopefully, the sound of common sense will once again move to the forefront, but should it not there is still hope that people as a whole will not cause themselves to become extinct.

If nothing else, there is always hope.

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