Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another fresh start...

Once again I am starting yet another blog. Honestly, at this point I have lost count of how many I have floating around, though I'm sure there are those out there in the cyber-ether who could help jog my memory if they so chose to.

At one point I was an intrepid blogger- posting if not daily, at least 3-4 times per week. Several years ago now, I had the opportunity to take a class on blogging. Somewhere, in the vast files of miscellaneous material I seem to horde, I still have my notes and codes for personalizing and making my blog an extension of me. I may have to see if I can retrieve those notes- and of course, if anyone happens to stumble upon my ramblings here and would like the notes as well, please just let me know. I will say that from setting up this current blog, the ones responsible for maintaining Blogger.com have definitely come a long way since the first blog I had hosted on Blogger.

As I mentioned, in the past I would blog regularly. But then as my life changed and my interests waned, I let my blogs fall by the wayside. I think that one of the biggest challenges I will face with this new blog is to remember to keep it going. There's always hope, even if there is little else.

Until next time, wishing everyone the best...

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